Starting to Think About Technology.


Welcome to a Summer of Learning.

Welcome to a Summer of Learning.


If you want to encourage collaboration, presentation or creative thinking skills, then this is a great app. Easy to use with so many possibilities. A good option for Sharing our Genius Hour Projects.

Thanks for sharing Paul. Love your work.

One of my Favouite Apps

One of my favourite apps.
If you want to encourage collaboration, presentation or creative thinking skills, then this is a great app to use. This is just one option available to present our Genius Hour Projects.


Thanks Paul for sharing. Love your work.

Stay or Change

Having just returned from America on a study tour for technology in education and experiencing all it has to offer, this post really resonates with me. Take a risk, go for the curved ball and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, after all tomorrow is a new day and you will find like-minded people along the way!

a splendid adventure


The white and red stitched round blazing through diamond dust headed right for its leather home.

Curveballs start off at one height, one velocity, one direction. You see it, prepare for it, make adjustments to your position to make contact with it, and then it does what every good curveball does. It drops.

The thing about curveballs is you don’t know it’s a curveball till it’s, well, curved. Changed its direction, dropped a few inches, thrown you off your game. At that point there’s nothing you can do to change its direction or make it do what it seemed like it was doing before.

Once the curveball has revealed itself to be the curveball you were not expecting, you have a choice.
You can keep your position and go out swinging, maybe get lucky and tip it off.
Or, you can change positions, drop your chin, and go in…

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